Coffee Culture in Cyprus

Coffee is a tree that grows in the regions where hot climate prevails and the name given to the fruit of this tree. It can be divided into two species: Arabica, which forms the 75% of the world’s production; and Robusta, which is mostly used in products sold in markets.

After the conquest of Cyprus, the coffee coming from Yemen to Cyprus was gradually accepted in Turkish and Greek communities and became widespread. The coffeehouse culture in Cyprus emerged in the early 1900s with the search of the people for a place to rest other than houses.

Wherever you go in Cyprus- from the smallest shop to the offices, cafes or taverns- you will definitely be offered a cup of turkish coffee. In fact, this is a kind of a welcoming ritual.

Traditional turkish coffee is brewed in a narrow coffee pot on low heat and served in small turkish coffee cups with its froth along with a glass of water. This tradition that has been carried to this day develops with the increasing demands of the consumers and varies according to the level of roasting. It can be roasted light, medium or dark according to taste. The degree of sweetness can be decided when brewing as plain (no sugar), low sugar, medium or sweet.

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