Global and Local Wholesale Distribution

Coffee for Özerlats is a lifestyle, and passion.

Our wholesale and distribution line is designed for all local and global businesses who want to serve their customers high-quality fresh coffee. Using the superior technology roasting equipment and production schedule, we sell our coffee products to the freshest way with our efficient distribution service.

If you share the same passion with us, you can contact us.

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Contract Manufacturing

Since 2015, Özerlat has built its reputation on providing quality products and excellent service as part of our private label solutions for retailers. We are proud of our long term relationships with many industry leaders. Ozerlat offers the best in coffee solutions:

  • Unique commodity expertise to help maximize your purchasing needs.
  • Blends that match or exceed regional and national brands.
  • The best formats: portion packs, whole bean.

Some of the brands we private label; Akpinar, Gave Turkish coffee blend No 2 and 6

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Coffee & Tea Catering Services:

We bring fully functioning, self-contained coffee and tea bar to you. Our packages are configurable, scalable and tailored to your unique needs based on guest count, venue, preferred decorations, space allowances and time frame.

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